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Hi! This is
I am an independent creative from India, specializing in brand identity and digital interface design.

I did my graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. I got my initial design education from Industrial Design Centre (IDC-IIT Bombay) where I was introduced to the basics. Later, I continued my own education to dive into different areas of design.

Before working at Samsung as a software developer for over a year, I was the creative head of the 2018 edition of Mood Indigo at my university.
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I have a passion for making beautiful and functional designs that helps individuals and businesses create a professional image they are proud of, and that honestly represents their core virtues. I follow an empathetic approach to create people-centric solutions. My goal is to serve clients the results they seek through creative visual communication.

I do not attach myself to any particular style. Every project has its own set of needs and brings the opportunity to experiment and explore new horizons.

In my creative process, understanding the rules is important but daring to break them is equally important.
For me, art is a wonderful way to experiment and to grow as a human. Besides my professional design projects, I do enjoy digital illustrations and paintings. Click here to check them out.

Need advice or want to start a conversation about how I can help? Contact me.